Mar 18, 2023

A road of fog

BY Johnny

Upon the path of lustrous shades,
Through foggy veils and twilight glades,
The road unwinds and beckons on,
A murmured sigh, a whispered song.

The shadows merge in twilight's grace,
As misty tendrils interlace,
A road revealed and yet concealed,
A journey home, a heart unsealed.

Through spectral woods, the path does wind,
A grey embrace, a dance refined,
Where ghostly whispers join the fray,
And silence speaks, the words of day.

A road of fog, and longing true,
That seeks the heart, and leads it through,
A realm of half-forgotten dreams,
Where all is not, and naught it seems.

In twilight's shroud, the world anew,
Beneath the skies of hallowed hue,
With every step, the fog does part,
To welcome home, the weary heart.

And through the mist, a hearth's glow peers,
A beacon in the sea of tears,
For here, at last, the road's embrace,
Leads to the threshold of love's grace.

So let us follow, hand in hand,
Through veiled roads and shadowed land,
A journey's end, where we shall roam,
Upon the grey fog's path to home.